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Welcome to St. Albans Congregational Church. I pray that you will eagerly support our church’s campaign to eliminate the current mortgage principal balance of $1.4 Million by June 2019. Making an earnest commitment in this important initiative will help free funds for greater investment in programs designed to enrich the lives of persons of all ages and abilities more positively and powerfully. Won’t you join us in this worthy endeavor to assure God’s mission continues moving Onward and Upward. 
- Reverend Dr. Henry T. Simmons, Senior Minister


Since 1987 The Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center has and continues to be a resource for holistic development of individual lives and improving the wider community’s quality of life. The success of faithfully engaging in that mission led to the construction of a third floor in 2001, expanding The Center from 33,000 to over 44,000 sq. ft. of program and administrative space, where lives are nurtured in hopeful, productive and creative ways. 

However As... The Family Life Center approaches its 30th anniversary, the debt incurred to expand the Center in 2001 continues to drain and diminish the capability of our Church to propel its Mission

Onward and Upward

Now is the time for us to take a BOLD step to remove the obstacles preventing  St. Albans Congregational Church’s Robert Ross Johnson Family Life Center from being a place where Hope, Joy, Peace and Love abounds. Launching a Mortgage Elimination Campaign will strengthen the capacity and facilitate the legacy of our  Church and Family Life Center to be restorative, faith and community building venues

For Greater Mission

• Continue to Support Our Church’s Mission through Regular Worship Attendance and Participation in Church Ministries

• Consider the amount of your Pledge. Complete and Submit the Pledge Card/Mortgage Eliminiation Envelope on Sunday Worship Services

• Mail your Pledge Card/Contribution to the Church Office

• Pledge or Donate Online* (Activated in fall 2016) 

• Donate liquid assets, stocks, bonds and employer matching gifts

• Sign up for VANCO (automatic deductions from your bank account). Forms in the Church Office)

• Collect contributions from friends and family members, donations in honor and/or memory of loved ones

• Scan  the Barcode to make your campaign payments* (Activated in fall 2016)  


Making a pledge to the Mortgage Elimination Campaign is easy!   A pledge may be made online by paypal.  A pledge may also be made by printing the pledge card on the left and lower side of the page and either mailing or dropping off at the church office. (A pledge card may also be picked up at the church office instead of printing.) CLICK TO MAKE YOUR PLEDGE TODAY!

Click to Download  CAMPAIGN BROCHURE

Click to Download  PLEDGE CARD

By Mail

Send a check or money order to:

St. Albans Congregational Church
172-17 Linden Blvd
St. Albans, NY 11434