Pastor's Adult Bible Study Classes:

- Mondays @ 7:30PM

- Wednesdays @ 12:00noon

The focus for the sessions will be the "Anchors for the Storms of Life, Spiritual Disciplines for Life's Difficult Moments."    

Nehemiah Men's Ministry Bible Study:

- Tuesdays at 7:30PM

Come and enjoy fellowship with family!

Thursday Midday (noon) - Bible Study Group:

- Thursdays @ 12:00 noon

"Overcomers" bible study group which is led by Rev. Heron. Bring your bible, a notebook and a friend. Prepare for another incredible journey of discovery! 

Please enjoy this convenient Online Bible, which has been provided for your reading enjoyment.The bible is the King James Version. May its words provide strength, courage and wisdom to you as you go about your everyday life.